Monday, May 2, 2011

Seasons at The Terrace

Well Folks, I've had this blog set aside for a while now. Great! I wrote nothing. Not one post! The notion of sharing the seasons of life from our little home 'The Terrace' with family and friends seemed to be a good one but I had trouble finding things I thought were worth sharing. So I forgot. Life happened, seasons passed (at The Terrace) and I moved on. I thought little of it, until now.

This morning a friend posed the simple idea, only hours ago, of sharing some photos of a recent get-away via a blog. At the very same time the suggestion came tumbling towards my ears, a lightbulb exploded inside! This is the sort of thing I could share and I already had the perfect platform to share it!

So here it is guys - a random collection of Seasons at the Terrace ~ unwrapped and perfectly platformed to share the joys of life with you - friends and family who are abroad, adventuring or simply sharing life together.


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